Public Teams

Teams Description Owner Type
cs4238g07 team 07 for cs4238 lessons Joel Tan Academic
SecResearch Malware analysis Ravikant Tiwari Industry
NclTest ncl testbed test project goran Scuric Academic
cloud Team for showing capabilities of NCL. NCL Technical Academic
CYNSCE Security Projects for ITE students from CYNS@CE (Cyber & Network Security course) Tuck Wah Wong Academic
NTU0001 Intrusion Detection Anh Huynh Academic
NYPWSS World Skills Singapore - Nanyang Polytechnic NYP WSS Academic
cs4238g04 team 04 for cs4238 lessons Diga Widyaprana Academic
IHPC-CS Systems Security (distributed systems, ML systems) Daniel Wong Academic
CISDeM Cross-functional Information System for Decision Making QIrui Huang Academic
nclsdn SDN Team Pravein Govindan Kannan Academic
NSFOCUS NSFOCUS Lab Terry Lim Industry
NOI Technical committee for the Singapore National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) organized yearly by the School of Computing, NUS. Mun Choon Chan Academic
ADSC-SG Cyber Security Project on Smart Grids Binbin Chen Academic
Cloak Blockchain Security Qiming Li Industry
i-Sprint-SMU This is a testing platform for the NRF2016NCR-NCR002-022 Project - Building Next-Generation Secure Environments on Smartphones for Critical Applications Albert Ching Industry
CS5331 for final project compile chrome Shijia Guo Academic
mmrl-media HTTP Adaptive Streaming over SDN Roger Zimmermann Academic
MHA research validation on vulnerabilities for MHA NCL Technical Government
Gladiator Student Team Cher Boon Sim Academic
DTS5714 TDSI coursework Chien Wei Chia Academic
CSESG2018 Cyber Security Learning and Training Swee Chye Ang Industry
NYP-SIT-SEC Security Research Group James Tey Academic
cs4238g06 team 06 for cs4238 lessons Terence Gan Academic
i-Sprint-NTU This is a test platform for the NRF2016NCR-NCR002-025 Project - Cybersecurity Protocol and Mechanism for e-Logistics of dangerous goods tracking using Block Chain Albert Ching Industry
CTPL Custodio Tech Alvin cheng Industry
SANE Systems, Analytics, Network and Economics Richard Ma Academic
RTSCQUASAR Validating cybersecurity capabilities of a new technology called QUASAR (Quasi-Autonomous Security Architecture), with a specific focus on malware detection based on communication behavioural modelling at the lower network levels (OSI Network Model levels 2 through 5). Adrian Neal Industry
CloudRAN Research into new architecture for cloud based radio access network for 5G cellular network. Mun Choon Chan Academic
govtech GovTech to explore NCL testbed Jian An Tan Government
BLOCKTEST Testing for Blockchain Security by Design Pieter Hartel Academic
Finternet FYP Project for blockchain analysis Savin Varshney Academic
cs4238g01 team 01 for cs4238 lessons Daryl Ng Academic
cs4238g08 team 08 for cs4238 lessons Edward Chu Academic
Alignite Software Development Testing Keith Chern Industry
chanmc Network Security Mun Choon Chan Academic
cs5321Team15 VUlnerabilities in Decentralized Mining Pools Bikalpa Upadhyaya Academic
seclab seclab Tan Jun Hao Academic
ADSC-Cloud Scalable, Real-Time Analytics over Challenging Data Zhengjia Fu Academic
cs4238g03 team 03 for cs4238 lessons Barnabas Tan Academic
cs4238g05 team 05 for cs4238 lessons YanHua Chen Academic
CSLAB Replicate a CVE Lavanya Ramapantulu Academic
esys Team for developing a evaluation system for security product. NCL Technical Academic
Ning1 to run the code of cyber security project 1 Jianting Ning Academic
cs4238g02 team 02 for cs4238 lessons Daryl Ng Academic
minsukgroup Min Suk's security research greoup Min Suk Kang Academic
NYP cyber security John Lim Academic
CS5331Cookie CS5331 team project: working on chromium project, focusing on HTTP cookies. Hua Zhong Academic
bnvirt Project for SDN experimentation for BNV. Pravein Govindan Kannan Academic
NFV NFV Fook Sheng Chan Industry