We are a National Cybersecurity R&D Lab(NCL), established in 2015 and funded under the National Cybersecurity R&D (NCR) Programme.

Our aim is to provide support to the Singapore cybersecurity R&D community in terms of their research experimentation and testing requirements.


To develop NCL into a R&D hub that facilitates the growth of a vibrant Singapore cybersecurity ecosystem.

Key Areas of Support

  • R&D and it’s translation

  • Development, Testing and Evaluation of security solutions

  • Training and Skills Assessment

About us

NCL is a national cybersecurity lab that provides computing resources, repeatable and controllable experimentation environments, as well as application services. The infrastructure includes a cluster of 300 nodes that provides a wide range of provisioning mechanisms, security data and security services. NCL aims to provide a platform that fosters and encourages collaboration among researchers in academia, government bodies and the industry.


The software stack that manages the NCL infrastructure is based on DETERLab, which is a security and education-enhanced version of Emulab. NCL is also collaborating with the DETERLab team on testbed research.