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What We Do


Provide ready-to-use, repeatable, customisable and high fidelity experimentation environments

Maintain national shared infrastructure for the research community (cluster of 100 high-end servers, expanding to 300)

Host and share realistic and up to date data in our respository

Who We Target



For Researchers

With necessary resources and ready-to-use environments, you can:

  • Spend less time on tedious experiment setup
  • Conduct comprehensive experimental studies
  • Response/react readily to new attack scenarios
  • Focus more on research innovation

For Teaching Professional

A large collection of teaching materials is available for you to demonstrate realistic environments in teaching. Our collection of security environments is customisable to suit your teaching needs.



For Agencies

Our infrastructure is capable of supporting your experimentation validation, from small to large scale processes.

For Industry

Reduce your cost and turn-around time by utilizing our cost-effective infrastructure and ready-to-use environments.