Our Team

Principal Investigators

Chang Ee-Chien

Associate Professor (NUS), Lead PI (NCL)

Network Security | Applied Cryptography | Multimedia & Biometric Security


Liang Zhenkai

Associate Professor (NUS),Lead PI (NCL)

System and Software Security | Web Security | Mobile Security


Development & Operations

Nidhi Kushwah

Manager (Business Operations )

Programme Management | Business Analysis

Hannah Oei

Assistant Manager (Business Operations)

Armanadurni Binte Abdul Rahman

Senior Executive (Business Operations)


Software Engineer (Development)

Research Team

Aris Cahyadi Risdianto

Assistant Director (Technology)

Software Defined Networking | Internet Security

Huang Kang

Research Affiliate

Past Researchers & PhD Students

Chua Zheng Leong

Research Assistant

Systems Security | Software Testing | Binary Analysis

Pravein Govindan Kannan

Research Fellow

Software Defined Networking

Zhang Jiyi

PhD Student


Prof. Hui Tian

Ph. D, Associate Professor

Chair of Department of Network and Information Security, College of Computer Science and Technology,

National Huaqiao University,China

Prof. Satoru Tezuka


Faculty of Environement and Information Studies,Graduate School of Media and Governance

Keio University,Japan