Environments & Services

1.  Virtual networks and vulnerable environments in different domains for cybersecurity experimentation and testing

  •    Consists of virtual networks, vulnerability environments, attacking scripts, 50+ CVE’s etc

  •    Hard to simulate and controlled environments

  •    Common components supporting wide range of activities

  •    Streamline/expedite R&D, translation, delivery of new solutions

2. Red Team and Pentest Lab

      Features: (Click here to know more!)

  • 24*7 remotely accessible

  • Includes an Active Directory environment to practice and develop Red Team skills

  • Comes with various red team activities like Lateral Movement, Obfuscation, Evasion

  • Latest vulnerabilities like Zero Logon are included in the environment

3. Activity Traffic Generator

      Features: (Click here to know more!)

  • Realistic “white” traffic to camouflage the attack traffic from the attackers

  • Useful for cyber exercises and testing of the security products

4. Support for Capture-The-Flag events

  • NCL provides support for the conduct of CTF events

  • Growing number of users from community 

  • NCL has supported multiple CTF events for academia and agencies