NCL Testbed Features

Infrastructure with 200+ nodes,GPU's and High end servers

Virtual networks and vulnerable environments in different domains for cybersecurity experimentation and testing

  • Expedite R&D,translation & delivery of new solutions by saving time on tedious experiment setups.

  • We provide a set of virtual networks,vulnerability environments(50+ CVE’s).

  • Hard to simulate and controlled environments with common components supporting wide range of activities.

  • From replicating an experiment to reusing a particular network topology,it can be easily done on NCL testbed.


  • As a cybersecurity lab, security is of our utmost concern.

  • Conduct your experiments in a secure and controlled environment.

  • All experiment sessions are encrypted and carried out in a contained environment.

  • All experiments are isolated and separated from other experiments,as well as the internet.

Data and Data Repository

  • Browse,search and contribute to our collection of datasets contributed by other researchers like you.

  • With datasets ranging from internet traffic data to mobile app data,find and use the one most suitable for you and validate your research.