Areas of Interest in Testbed Research :

1. SDN Provisioning :

The goal of this project is to develop provisioning mechanisms that provide access of the SDN switches to multiple users. There are concerns on security/privacy due to multi-tenancy, performance issues, and integration with existing Deterlab (the software that our testbed runs on).


2. Environment Enrichment :

We plan to build up a repository of “ready-to-use” environments. There would be interesting research and development issues on managing a large number of such environments. (e.g., cleansing tools, searching tools).


3. Human Behavior Modeling :

We are working on two aspects.

(a) We intend to incorporate human factors into attack graphs analysis. We have conducted preliminary studies and are now focusing on how to extract a model of human interactions from various sources, e.g. emails, organization chart, etc.

(b) Our goal is to generate “realistic” network traffic/activities based on human modelling. The main idea is to “replay” and “up-size” previously captured traces in a meaningful way.