Disk quota limit on USERS is being implemented

29 June 2018

We are implementing a user disk quota mechanism on the testbed. It will limit how much storage space you can use in your home or project directory (/proj/YourProject). The current quota limit we plan to have is 25GB, for each user account. You will need to clear the files in your home or project directory if you are about to reach that limit. You're encouraged to move big files to your nodes' local storage, e.g. the /tmp directory. If you want to have more disk space on your nodes, please refer to the NCL Testbed Documentation, Section "I need more disk space on my node" for more information.

NCL Testbed Documentation is available

29 June 2018

The new NCL Testbed Documentation can be found here. Please refer to it for more detailed information on how to administer and manage your experiments on our testbed.

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